In the model, you can create methods that have database queries and are responsible for data processing. You have to remember to install dframe/database package before starting work. It's available on GITHUB or through the composer.

How to load model?

In folder "Model" you must model named "RequestModel" should look like Models/RequestModel.php

/** @var \Model\RequestModel $requestModel */
$requestModel = $this->loadModel('RequestModel');


namespace Model;

class RequestModel extends \Model\Model

     * @param int $requestId
     * @return mixed
    public function getRequestSettings($requestId)
        $row = $this->pdoQuery('SELECT * FROM `request_type` WHERE request_type_id = ?', [$requestId])->result();
        return $this->methodResult(true, $row);

Notice that virtually all methods, except for a few, return the data in the form of a ready to read table and are returned by the method.

  * @param boolean
  * @param array
$this->methodResult(true, $row);
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