The View folder is used to store the view logic and private items such as engine templates, cache, logs, and uploads. You can declare or define functions there which can then be called in the view template.

How to load view?

In folder "View" is Index.php it's type of view. You can create different views for user or admin. Just copy "Index.php" and rename to your own name.

/** @var \View\IndexView $view */
$view = $this->loadView('Index');

To use view after load you must select template html.php by

$view->render('path/to/template/myTemplate'); // myTemplate shoud be in path View/template/path/to/template/myTemplate.html.php


class IndexView extends \View\View
    public function init()
        if (isset($this->router)) {
            $this->assign('router', $this->router);

Changing engine template ===========

Default engine template is Smarty. You can switch to Twig or PHP. To do this do in to View/View.php and in find $this->view

/** @var \Dframe\View\SmartyView; view */
$this->view = new SmartyView();

You can implement Dframe\View\ViewInterface and use any engine you want.

Available by default

  • \Dframe\View\SmartyView
  • \Dframe\View\TwigView
  • \Dframe\View\DefaultView - php
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