From console level, launch the command composer*

$ composer require dframe/mymail

Or download manual

The myMail library is a simple wrapper, this time for phpmailer. In a simple way, you can set data for connection in config.

return array(
   'Hosts' => array('primaryHostName.tld', 'backupHostName.tld'),    // Specify main and backup SMTP servers
   'SMTPAuth' => true,    // Enable SMTP authentication
   'Username' => 'Username@mail',    // SMTP username
   'Password' => '',    // SMTP password
   'SMTPSecure' => 'tls',    // Enable TLS encryption, `ssl` also accepted
   'Port' => 587,    // Port

   'setMailTemplateDir' => './View/templates/mail',
   'smartyHtmlExtension' => '.html.php',    // Default '.html.php'
   'smartyTxtExtension' => '.txt.php',    //Default '.txt.php'
   'fileExtension' => '.html.php',    

   'senderName' => PROJECT_NAME,    //Name of default sender
   'senderMail' => 'senderMail@mail'    //Default sender's address
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